Cubs to Install Jumbotrons?

Cubs’ ownership is considering installing giant Jumbotrons at Wrigley. Not to see the action close-up, mind you, but to cater to fantasy fans who require up-to-date stats from around the league. The current scoreboard, you see, just wasn’t built with today’s fantasy baseball fan in mind.

Please, Kenney–rather than destroying its beauty bit by bit, just bulldoze the field and completely rebuild it. Let’s just get it over with quick.

From a story:

“The element of preserving the scoreboard and yet giving the fans more information about the game, there could be an argument that that’s a positive,” Kenney said. The Cubs would have to get the city of Chicago’s approval to install large video scoreboards.

“On the one side, you have a great number of fans who are fantasy players who crave statistical information,” he said, “and our hand-operated scoreboard doesn’t provide much, particularly about the other games that are occurring, and there’s no replay capability.”


One comment

  1. cubfan_joe

    I sense a bit of sarcasm when you see bulldoze Wrigley, but as a season ticket holder I would love for Wrigley to be torn down. Have you been to Miller Park in Milwaukee or Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati? Wrigley doesn’t even compare, it should have been demolished years ago. Besides what kind of history does Wrigley hold, besides a losing tradition…

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