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It’s Old Style Day — Or Is It?

It was “Old Style Stocking Cap Day” at Wrigley Field last Saturday. The first 10,000 adults received one of these bad boys.

I’ve always thought of Old Style as the “official” beer of the Chicago Cubs, as the Milwaukee brewer and the Cubs are longtime advertising partners. But then the Cubs took money from Anheuser-Busch in 2008 and renamed the bleachers the “Bud Light Bleachers.” And now there’s a Miller Light sign across the street in rightfield that you can’t miss. The Cubs appear to be more than happy to lay down with whichever brewer has the cash.

The beer selection feels like it’s been whittled down year after year, with just the “big dogs” left standing. You used to be able to find local brewer Goose Island’s beer for sale in the
bleachers, although I haven’t seen it the past several times I’ve been
to Wrigley. You won’t find Guinness or anything mildly adventurous within the ballpark. Perhaps the fan who tossed his beer onto the Phillies’ Shane Victorino last August was simply voicing his displeasure with Wrigley’s increasingly limited offerings.

Whatever the beer that the Cubs endorse is, the price has steadily increased by a quarter every year for the past six years. Whether you drink a Bud Light, Old Style, or Miller, you’re going to be set back $6.75 a cup this year.