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My Wife, Watching Soriano Commit His 3rd Error of the Season Last Saturday



Milton Bradley Sent Home After Latest Tantrum

Who didn’t see this coming? Not even halfway through the first year of a 3-year, $30-million contract with the Cubs, the beleaguered Milton Bradley finally came face-to-face with Sweet Lou.

“Words were exchanged” in the purely verbal altercation that followed Bradley’s latest temper trantrum in the dugout. Sweet Lou sent Bradley home for the day.

“It’s something I promise won’t be happening again,” Cubs GM Jim Hendry said of Bradley’s tantrum to MLB.com. Without recounting Bradley’s extensive history of outbursts, tantrums, ejections, mysterious injuries, et al, suffice to say that this will be happening again.

Bradley’s teammates are also at the ends of their respective ropes with Bradley. Alfonso Soriano on Bradley: “We don’t need him. We have 25 players, we have to be on the same page. If he’s not 100 percent to help the team to win, we don’t need him. If he’s 100 percent and he comes and wants to play, he’s more than welcome.”

Milton Bradley has never been 100 percent anything in his big league career. The only question now is if there is how much of Bradley’s contract the Cubs will have to eat when they cut ties with him for good.

Soriano, Soto Still Lead by Comfortable Margins in All-Star Voting

The latest All-Star balloting results are in, and as of Tuesday, both Alfonso Soriano and rookie catcher Geovony Soto have comfortable leads in their respective categories. With three starting spots available in the National League outfield, Fukudome is making a strong bid to be a starter in his first Major League season as well, with 100,000 more votes than the veteran Ken Griffey Jr. (Griffey let the NL ballot last year with 2,986,818 votes; this year’s leader so far in all categories is Chase Utley with 1,743,548, or 1 million more than his closest competition, the Cubs’ Mark DeRosa).


1. Soto, G. Cubs 1,248,216
2. McCann, B. Braves 742,689


1. Soriano, A. Cubs 1,444,153
2. Fukudome, K. Cubs 1,188,459
3. Griffey, K. Reds 1,081,665
4. Braun, R. Brewers 885,932
5. Lee, C. Astros 709,797


There’s still plenty of time to vote before the July 4 deadline, so get over to MLB.com to cast your 25 ballots!