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DeRosa Wows ‘Em At Classic

“DeRosa Anonymous But Critical for US”MLB.com

This article was tough to read. It’s like hearing that your ex-girlfriend lost a lot of weight, but just got married to some other idiot.

Mark DeRosa, the man hailed as the “MVP of the Cubs” by his Chicago teammates, was unceremoniously dealt to the Indians in the off-season for a bag of Crackerjack and a case of Old Style three Minor Leaguers.

Now he’s making headlines in the World Baseball Classic. “I call him my ‘trump card,'” said Team USA General Manager Bob Watson. “He’s more valuable than anybody on the team.”

Sound familiar, Cubs fans? It should. Reed Johnson said he would have selected DeRosa as the MVP “because you can move him all over the place. He’s
able to give guys days off or if guys are hurt, he can fill in those

He won’t be missed early on, when everybody is fresh. But later in the year? Expect DeRosa’s void to be felt, as his place on the bench is replaced with an endless stream of Minor League scrubs. (GM Jim Hendry said that dumping trading DeRosa would “give our rising talent a chance to contribute more regularly at the major league level”.)

“People are looking in their programs to find out who I am,” DeRosa
said. Cubs fans know who he is, and know how difficult he’s going to be
to replace.