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Cubs’ Bullpen Gives Up Five Runs in One Inning

“The Mets can’t score on position players, but can score on the Cubs’ bullpen.” — http://twitter.com/kristaj19

The Cubs’ bullpen coughed up five runs in one inning last night in their first trip to the Mets’ new ballpark. And after another quality start from a Cubs’ starter, as six innings of one-run ball from Randy Wells were thrown away.

Half of Chicago’s relief pitchers have an ERA over 5.00; Samardzija has an ERA of 18.90. Why not let a few position players toss a few innings this week and see what happens? Marlon Byrd, I’m looking at you.


The Quintessential Cubs Game

ESPN needs to begin airing this one on ESPN Classic ASAP–this is Cubs baseball. The Cubs’ 11th loss in their past 15 games is an early contender for “game of the year” for a team that’s slipping from first (in ’08) to worst (in ’09) in the NL Central.

cubslflag.JPGInjured Milton Bradley?


Soriano homers…and then goes cold for his remaining five at-bats?


Marmol enters in a key spot and walks two?


A no-hitter through seven turns into a loss?


Kevin Gregg turns in his best LaTroy Hawkins impression?


Pitching to the reigning NL Batting Champion with first base open?


In a post-game interview, Wells said, “It stinks not getting the win. But stuff happens. That’s baseball.” No, Wells, that’s not baseball–that’s Cubs’ baseball.