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Reed Johnson’s Blog is Now Live

And it sounds like it’s going to be a fun one to follow this season. Johnson promises that “there will always be some joke about Mike Fontenot at the end. Every day, he does something that has to be talked about.” He also swears that his blog will be “better than DeRosa’s”, whose Cubs blog he is replacing this year.

Link: http://reedjohnson.mlblogs.com/


Reed Johnson: A Poem

You get thrown out stealing third–

with two down in the seventh.

“A baserunning mistake.”

But then…

…you almost tie it

in the ninth.


(With the best bunt a Cub has laid down

since Greg Maddux was on the team.)

Just know:

Two fluke plays

do not

a season


Keep playing hard and fast.

The Reed Johnson Bump

Note to Lou, courtesy of XM Radio’s “Baseball This AM”: With Reed Johnson in the lineup, the Cubs are 11-2. Without Reed Johnson, the Cubs are 2-4. It’s still early in the season, but the Cubs’ new bald-headed, goateed centerfielder already looks like the leadoff hitter that Jim Hendry was looking for–and the Cubs didn’t have to give up 4 pitchers to get him, either.