So What Else is New? The Cubs Lose Postseason Opener to the Dodgers

The Chicago Cubs came from behind 41 times in the regular season, but they couldn’t come back from after losing the lead in a 7-2 loss to the Dodgers on Wednesday night at Wrigley Field. On a windy 55-degree evening under the lights, Chicago fans watched the “lovable losers” play like the lovable losers of years past instead of the 2008 Cubs.

Ryan Dempster (0-1), making his first postseason start with the Cubs, walked the bases loaded in the third and fifth innings. He pitched out of it in the third, but gave up a grand slam to the left-center bleachers to L.A.’s James Loney in the fifth. Dempster looked more like the tightrope-walking closer than the top-of-the-rotation ace that he transformed into in the 2008 season.

Dempster couldn’t close out the inning, and three Cubs pitchers combined to give up three more runs, including a solo shot by Manny Ramirez. Ramirez’s solo home run in the seventh was his record-setting 25th postseason home run.

Mark DeRosa, still nursing a sore calf, was responsible for the Cubs’ lone piece of offense: A two-run home run in the second inning. The rest of the lineup was stifled by the relatively pedestrian pitching of Derek Lowe (1-0). The Dodgers’ game one starter, a veteran of postseason play with the Red Sox, didn’t need anything fancy to get the Cubs out, as their big bats were sleeping.

Soriano fell behind the count too often and struck out twice. Derrek Lee, among the league leaders in double-plays, hit into yet another one en route to an 0 for 4 evening at the plate. Aramis Ramirez, the Cubs’ RBI machine, hit his first ever postseason hit (a leadoff double in the sixth), but also grounded out twice, once into a doubleplay. The Cubs’ Rookie of the Year candidate, catcher Geovany Soto, went 0 for 4.

Even beloved Chicago icon Jim Belushi couldn’t wake the bats up with a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch. “We can win this one!” he shouted. The Cubs might have had a chance to win if they had played like the team that won 97 games during the regular season.

Game two of the Chicago/L.A. NLDS will be played at Wrigley Field at 8:35pm CT on Thursday.



  1. Jenna (Thunder)

    seriously. DeRo was the only good thing that happened tonight. He got the only 2 RBI’s of the game. Demp wasnt hitting his spots. It was a mess. a really big mess. It was depressing and not fun to watch. They’ve worked really hard all year for this, and now they’re blowing it… where was our offense?! tomorrow is another day though, so hopefully they get their butts in gear.

    — Jenna (Thunder)

  2. bigd23142525

    The Cubs will bounce back. To all of the so called Cub fans that were booing your own team at the game tonight: You are an embarrassment & please stop going to the games. Stick by your team through thick & thin no matter what. You people sicken me & don’t deserve the right to be called a Cubs fan.


    I have been trying to get my comment out for awhile now. I want to see if there is anyone that feels the way I do. It will make a lot of people mad and make them leave rude comments, but I know what I’m talking about. I have watched the Cubs for over 20 years and I don’t think even Ronnie is a bigger fan than me, so here goes: LOU NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!! Yes I said it. I have been sick all week thinking about having to play the Dodgers the first round and tonight showed me why. We could have avoided them the first round by playing our players more in the Brewers series and putting them out and letting the Mets in. In my opinion the Phillies and Dodgers are the two hottest teams to be in the playoffs and if we would have played the Mets we could have let the Phillies and Dodgers beat up on each other in the first round. Am I the only person that has thought of this? I haven’t even seen this brought up anywhere. Players play the game, but the coaches make the decisions and that was his decision. Smaller issues I have is him not even knowing some of the names of the players on the team or names of players on teams we are playing against. I really believe not putting the Brewers out of it with our best players should cost him his job. I understand wanting to rest players, but that was too much rest and look at tonight, they were rusty. Even if all the rest they got was from Sunday to tonight, well that’s a full 3 days rest and that is plenty for players that are used to playing every day. So again, I would just like to know other people’s opinions on Lou and not playing players the whole series against the Brewers and putting them out. We could have played the Mets instead of the best and hottest team in the playoffs!!! Thank you.


    It was a difficult game to watch no doubt. Its not the end of the series though, and there are alot of improvements the team WILL make. The cubbies have had there best season in a long long time, and everyone on the team knows this is there best shot in producing in the off-season. Don’t shun the cubs because they lose the first game of the series. If you are a true cubs fan you will get over this loss and back-up your team tomorrow with confidence. I agree with bigd, for all you rich dumb so called cubs fans that buy tickets only when there in the playoffs and boo a team you never went to see during the regular season, save yourself the trouble and dont even go to the game. You don’t deserve to see them in the playoffs.


    Fire Lou? I have way more important things to do than argue the million reasons why that is the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard.

  6. st andrew

    Yes, there are a million reason why not to fire Lou, and only one reason to fire him (0-4 in the postseason). Was it the added rest for the players that left them rusty? Did Lou not put the right lineup out? I think that the loss is still fresh and it stings, but we’ll have to reserve judgment for a later date.



    FANS (or so called fans) GET OFF YOUR BUTTS! Pure embarrassment is what I felt. Disgusting. Give the Cubs HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE by CHEERING. It’s not golf!

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