Wrigley Field Casualty: Mark Prior

Ex-Cubs pitcher Mark Prior told MLB.com’s Carrie Muskrat that he “enjoyed playing in Chicago and [has] a lot of great memories there.” I think Cubs fans have a lot of memories of Mark Prior. Sadly, most of those memories don’t involve him actually playing baseball.
Muskrat’s been reporting for the Cubs for a few years, and her Mark Prior articles deserve a spot in the “Best American Science Writing” series. Take this gem from her most recent story: “Prior is coming back from arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder, which he had last April. The procedure, performed by Dr. James Andrews, included a debridement of his right rotator cuff as well as repairing the labral and capsular injuries.”


One comment

  1. Jennifer

    I agree about Prior. Most of my memories include him sitting on the bench watching the game and not pitching.

    Journalism 101 (something of which I know a lot out about, being a journalist) tells you not to use $50 words. Muskrat should know better.

    What the heck is a debridement?

    I know right rotator cuff…

    But labral and capsular injuries?

    Where’s my medical dictionary?

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